Constant Track

By Adam Schwartz, Staff Reporter

Rider is an app that tests a gamer’s reaction skills. This game makes users follow a constant path, with small obstacles arising during the game, which can make it hard for players to advance and increase their scores as they play more.

One unique feature is the bike-flipping part of the game. The bike can be flipped when high up in the air by double tapping on the screen. This adds a sense of flare, as users can test how many times they can flip the car in the air at one time.

In the game, tokens are used as an incentive to keep people playing. If users concentrate and make sure they aren’t going too fast, then they can earn tokens, which then can be used to purchase different customization options, such as a bike and colors. Features such as tires, obstacles and wheels can all be traded in using tokens. This allows the gamer’s hard work to be shown off, since the multitude of different available features shows other players that the user has been playing a lot.

The app is also designed to apply to real life situations and tests on-the-spot thinking. Rider is a game that moves fast, so one little mistake means failure. If the bike doesn’t land on the right side, it then breaks apart and the user loses that round and can’t increase their score anymore. Gamers need to be quick on their toes and make sure that they aren’t working too fast or messing up.

Rider offers the opportunity to test reaction, and while it does move fast, it offers users with a rush and a sense that they have to be the best. The incentives of tokens and customization also make it that the game isn’t boring or repetitive, and there are always new ways to make the game more interesting and fun.