Clouds: another heartfelt Disney movie


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By Victoria Wittenberg, Section Editor

DisneyPlus just released a new Original movie about a 17-year-old’s love for music during his battle with cancer.  Zach Sobiech (Played by Finn Argus) spends the last year of life pouring his soul into his songs as his popularity grows with the help of his friends and family. “Clouds” takes on the tragic yet heart-warming narrative of Zach, his best friend Sammy, and girlfriend Amy after he is given months to live. 

This movie is a true story that will have you in tears for all of its 2 hours. I do not cry over cinema often, but this particular film is such an emotional rollercoaster with a lot of depth. The Juxtaposition of Zach and Sammy’s music blowing up and his intense battle with cancer is the definition of bittersweet.  For comparison, This entire movie made me feel the same way as that 4-minute scene from “The Lion King” when Mufasa died. 

To start, the cast is full of lovable, familiar faces like Sabrina Carpenter (playing Sammy), Madison Iseman (playing Amy), and is directed by Justin Baldoni (who also directed “Five Feet Apart”). But that’s not all, “Clouds” is based on the book about Zach’s life, “Fly a Little Higher: How God Answered a Mom’s Small Prayer in a Big Way” by Laura Sobiech, Zach’s mom. If your eyes weren’t watering yet, Baldoni also directed Zach’s appearance on “My Last Days” from SoulPancake in 2013. 

 Although, some of the stylistic choices made the film come across as cheesy, even though it is authentic; The lighting, the filters, the way the ambiance sways from gloomy to bright and hopeful. Almost like they wanted to play up the drama as we watch a teenager battle cancer and a musical career. However, that’s so unnecessary in “Clouds”, that it only really makes sense to keep it from being too sad for viewers to enjoy.  

“Clouds” is fun, somewhat magical, and will have you inspired for days. Knowing all of this was real makes the experience feel much more immersive, especially if you know about Zach’s story prior to seeing the movie.

Tears aside, “Clouds” is a good movie. It’s tireless and does exactly what you expect it to. It’s just a little generic and I found myself liking Zach and his unique experience a lot more than the film itself.