Boys varsity basketball team defeats L’anse Creuse North in championship game

By Josie Bennett, Assistant Editor

With a final score of 54-52, the boys varsity basketball team reigned victorious against L’anse Creuse North in their championship game on Dec. 30.

“Before the game, I was really nervous, like I almost wanted to throw up, ‘cause I really wanted to win, and I knew we could win,” sophomore Jared Jordan said. “I was really nervous that we would make stupid mistakes.”

Players feel that positivity and energy kept them going throughout the match.

“We sometimes give the guys little pep talks. We get into circles and just kind of yell and try to get team camaraderie high,” senior Tim Herd said.

Players on the bench motivated those on the floor to strive for victory.

“I try to keep them all supporting each other on the floor. Our benches have to be just as excited as the guys on the floor, you know. And the other big thing is that I try to keep them communicating,” Coach Ron Kochan said.

Kochan saw the game as a challenge despite seeing best efforts from the players.

“They made their run on us. It’s hard to be patient, and we just had to stay tough and stay strong, and then we’re gonna come and make a run right afterwards, and we turned right back, and that was just really good to see,” Kochan said.

Jordan felt a wave of relief after the final buzzer.

“After the game, I felt really relieved that we won, and I wasn’t surprised,” Jordan said. “I knew we should have won.”