Bad news Broncos


By Mora Downs, Staff Reporter

I am cursed.

When it comes to football, every team I want to win has found a way to disappoint me.

My beloved Lions have made it to the playoffs ONCE since I’ve been alive. Here’s where my curse comes in. Every year, I pick a team I want to win the Super Bowl, and every year that team has lost. The Patriots, the 49ers, the Patriots again, the list goes on and on.

This year I finally thought I could break the curse. The Broncos had played amazing all season with Peyton Manning, arguably one of the best quarterbacks of his generation, as their starter.  I was so confident, I practically had victory coursing through my veins.

But then the game began.

On the opening drive of the game, Manning fumbled the snap, which was luckily recovered by fellow Bronco Knowshon Moreno. To add to this mishap in the beginning of the game, Cliff Avril, a former Lion who contributed nothing to the then  0-16 team, tackled Moreno in the end zone, resulting in a safety for the Seahawks. My confidence suddenly shrunk. The glory running through my bloodstream was draining from my body.

Keep in mind that this was the first drive, then the Seahawks were able to march down the field and score a field goal, making the score 5-0. They repeated this on their next drive, making the score 8-0, all while Denver was yet to complete a first down.

At the beginning of the second quarter, Marshawn Lynch rushed in a touchdown, Seattle’s first in the game, making the score 15-0. My hope was small now, tiny, but still existent. Meanwhile, Denver finally had a few first downs in its belt, just to have the ball intercepted and rushed in for a touchdown, making the final score for the half 22-0. All hope vanished. I had completely given up. Honestly, when was the last time the Broncos hadn’t scored in the first few drives let alone the first half?

During the third quarter, the Broncos were trumped, yet again, but a miracle happened soon after. The Broncos ended up scoring their only touchdown of the game and completing a successful two-point conversion, making the score 36-8, but it wasn’t enough of a start. By the beginning of the fourth quarter, the score was 43-8.

This was the first ever Super Bowl win for the Seattle Seahawks and their quarterback, Russell Wilson.

I’ll admit it. The Broncos played awful. Not scoring until the third quarter and not even getting a first down till second didn’t reflect their 13-3 season. What remains a mystery to Broncos fans like me is why they choked this game, out of the whole season. But sadly, for Denver fans, this usually top-notch team was simply out played by the Seahawks.

The defeat of the Broncos made me believe in my curse even more. I just pity the unlucky team I pick next year.

Want to see some stats? Check out the infographic here.