Aura, a mindfulness lifestyle organizer

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By Josie Bennett, Editor

For consumers looking towards a new way to help them embrace the mindfulness lifestyle, “Aura” might just be the app to get them started.

“Aura” is a personalized application that helps the user organize a happy zen-like lifestyle. It has designated “mindful moment” times for the user to participate in everyday as well as a note board to document what they are most grateful for.

The app also includes reminders for “breathers” and “mindfulness.” It also allows user to connect to Apple Health to make the program even more personalized. Though “Aura” does have its downsides. It is a well put together app but further use would indicate otherwise.

“Aura” is rudimentary, with little in-app functions other than the ones previously listed.  Addition information will even send users to a link on a website instead of having it on the application. It’s also a little difficult to navigate and can be slightly annoying because of this. Considering the vast amount of apps that cover the same thing it just seems a bit like “Aura” is lacking.

It’s not a horrible app but there are definitely some things the app could improve on to make the interface more user friendly. However, despite these proposed changes, “Aura” does cover the needs to navigate the mindfulness lifestyle.

So for consumers who want to delve into the mindfulness world this app would be a good start. Although it’s not the best in the marker, it is suitable for its intended purpose.