American soccer needs fresh faces

By Tommy Teftsis, Intern

The professional league of soccer in the US is called the MLS. The MLS is known for its small numbers of skillful players and its so-called resting place for peaked soccer stars. This professional soccer league has been criticized in the last few years for being ingenuine. TommyWould you ever watch a sports game with bad players? Although the MLS is often criticized, it is the future for American soccer which is increasing rapidly in popularity throughout the nation.

The World Cup is what many Americans may picture when the thought of American soccer comes to mind. There have always been proclaimed American heroes in past World Cups, such as Landon Donovan or Clint Dempsey. In the 2014 World Cup 25.2 million TV viewers watched it, making it the most-viewed World Cup ever. The US national team brought soccer to people around the country after this largely televised

World Cup in Brazil. World Cups have been known to bring out the soccer’s reputation in the US.

Although the MLS is often criticized, it is the future for American soccer which is increasing rapidly in popularity throughout the nation.”

Soccer in the US should be taken on with the same lifestyle of other soccer-rich countries. The play style in the US differs greatly from those overseas. When watching an MLS game you usually see about five complete passes before a turnover, but when watching the Spanish League (La Liga), it’s common to see 15 passes made without a sweat. The technique and accuracy of ball movement is expressed evidently overseas, but the US is not recognized for it, nor is it recognized for its outstanding players.

The best players in the world such as Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi play in Spain for La Liga. This is the highest scoring league in the world and it’s located in one of the most soccer oriented countries. After these stars get past their primes, they will look to other less competitive leagues to play forin which they will find the MLS to be a perfect showcase with its large fan attraction. Old soccer stars are making the MLS a fan-ridden sport. Now, the league is trying to get more and more old pros to satisfy the fans’ pleasure, instead of taking on younger players that show the needed appreciation for the game in the US.

When will the US soccer program take off and outrank other US sports? Childrens’ youth programs are encouraging to the face of American soccer and can help broadcast the audacity of soccer’s future in the US. Although it is far from reaching Spain’s standards of clean, fluent soccer, it will improve in the course of the next five years when the younger players will rise up from what they have been practicing and  make the US a robust soccer country. One that is comparable to the World Cup country greats of soccer elsewhere in the world.