“Seven Seconds” to binge watch

Seven Seconds to binge watch

By Taylor Mitchell, Staff Reporter

The new Netflix original “Seven Seconds”  brings back the crime-justice fighting storyline we all love. The story is about Brenton Butler, a young African American with a mom who loves who him deeply and a dad that just wants the best for him, and how being at the wrong place at the wrong time lead to many lies and coverups.

It all begins when Brenton is hit by a car while riding his bike home in the morning, but he wasn’t hit by just anybody. Brenton gets hit by a cop, a cop with a group of dirty criminal partners who would help him to lie about who hit the young boy in order to save themselves. Brenton is left for dead for 12 hours in a ditch and it takes seven seconds for police officer Pete Jablonski to decide to turn away and begin this journey of lies. His fellow partners Mike DiAngelo, Felix Osorio, and Manny Wilcox dispose of the car and do whatever they have to in order to keep the secret of Brenton between them, even if that means a murder. Their secret is not easily forgotten. Brenton’s determined mom, Latrice ( Regina King ) and attorney looking for redemption from her past KJ ( Clare-Hope Ashitey) team up with cop Joe “Fish” (Michael Mosley) to find justice for Brenton.

“Seven Seconds” touches on the grim societal issue of African American lives and their experience with police. In recent years, protest against police violence towards particallury black and brown bodies lead the harsh plot of this story, and in the end shows the selfish benefits of wearing that badge. Within the show they included many other aspects of the story, trying to gain some background information on the characters. But a lot was left unexplained and unresolved. Since the show is an anthology series like “Black Mirror” and “American Horror story” , the things that were left unsaid here will remain unknown. Overall “Seven Seconds is another binge-worthy series to add to your Spring break must-watch list.