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Keeping it brief: five things to know for the week of March 13-19

Director Jordan Peele boasted high reviews of his multi-genre thriller,

Director Jordan Peele boasted high reviews of his multi-genre thriller, "Get Out" from Rotten Tomatoes.

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Photo credit:

Director Jordan Peele boasted high reviews of his multi-genre thriller, "Get Out" from Rotten Tomatoes.

By Katie Thomas, Staff Reporter

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  1. “Get Out” creator Jordan Peele makes history

“Key and Peele” actor Jordan Peele made history with his debut film, “Get Out” that he both directed and wrote. The film has made more than $100 million at the box office, which makes Peele the first African American writer/director to hit that mark for his debut movie. To find out more about Jordan Peele and “Get Out”, click here.

  1. Plan to replace Affordable Care Act facing criticism

The plan from the Republican House to replace the Affordable Care Act is raising questions in Washington D.C. because it could leave millions of people without health insurance. The Congressional Budget Office has said that the number of uninsured Americans would raise by 24 million by 2026. To find out more about the Affordable Care Act, click here.

  1.  Addams Family performance dates rescheduled to this week

The school performance of “The Addams Family” has moved to this week due to power outages from the previous week. Shows will be on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday at 7:30 pm and Sunday at 2:00 pm. All tickets will need to be refunded from Monday through Wednesday in the Performing Arts Center. To get more information about the rescheduled performance, click here.

  1. President Trump’s tax returns revealed to public

After refusing to share his tax returns during the election, President Trump’s taxes were brought to the public eye on Tuesday night. The documents show that the President wrote off $100 million in losses to lower his federal taxes in 2005. The authenticity of these documents is under questioning, however this information could lead to problems for President Trump.  To learn more about President Trump’s tax returns, click here.  

  1. Justice Department to announce charges for Yahoo account hackers

On Wednesday, the Department of Justice will make formal charges to the hackers of millions of Yahoo accounts, who have also been connected to Russia. The four suspected hackers illegally accessed names, emails and passwords of Yahoo users. To find out more about the Yahoo account hackers, click here.


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