“Instant Influencer” showcases youth beauty talent



By Marvin Robles, Intern

On April 24, YouTube released a new James Charles show called “Instant Influencer.” 

“Instant Influencer” is about teenagers that have a talent for makeup, who compete for $50,000 and a collaboration video with James Charles himself. The tv show only contains four episodes, and on each episode, one makeup artist is sent home. Each episode contains two different makeup challenges but with a twist.

The first episode’s challenge was to create a makeup look that showcases who you are, and the main challenge was for each competitor to pick a product and create a video review on YouTube. This challenge was interesting because it shows how the makeup community contains makeup and that it also has more to it. 

I thought the second episode was a fun challenge. The first challenge was to create a red carpet ready makeup look in 30 minutes, which is insane to watch. The main challenge was to create an outrageous drag queen look, which is really challenging. This episode was my favorite because it showed the makeup artist different makeup techniques and how they can apply it in the challenge.

The third episode was very important because whoever accomplished the challenge would make it to the finale. The first challenge was to create an apology video. The main challenge was a collaboration video with some top beauty influencers. While watching this show, I was inspired to create some different looks for myself. It made me think differently about makeup looks.  

The final episode was the hardest challenge yet because not only is it the last challenge in the show, but because someone is going to win the whole thing.  The final challenge was to create a mega makeup moment that would change the beauty community and inspire other people to do it. Watching this episode made me feel better about my makeup skills because it showed that makeup could be anything you wanted.

  I would recommend “Instant Influencer” because it shows how each competitor demonstrates their talent and how they handle the pressure. I would give it a five-star rating because this show was a great way to show people what makeup can do in the world.