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President: Bella Yoakam

An elec-ton of results: Student election winners

By Savannah Seabrooks, Gabe Goode, and Parker O’Neill May 27, 2022

SA Council Positions Class of 2023 Class of 2024 Class of 2025

Election results

By Grace Rossman, Staff Reporter June 2, 2021

Jack Gehlert 

Desired position: President 

About me: My name is Jack Gehlert, and I enjoy being involved in the general community and helping others around me. Helping people succeed is what motivates me.

My goals: I plan to continue the persistent work that Student Association has undertaken over the past few years. 

Why me: My drive to help others can translate into how I lead Student Association. It will motivate me to continue to be involved, leading others to also enjoy providing for the school.

2021 Elections

By Grace Rossman and Annabelle Julien April 19, 2021

Student Association Student Council Class of 2022 Student Council Class of 2023 Student Council Class of 2024  

Freshman Emma Dudek says that the social distancing being put in place has had an effect on group activities. “Communication is harder with the masks,” Dudek said. “Social distancing prevents things like group work.”

(Slideshow) COVID-19 indoor safety precautions

By Joleigh Jackson, Section Editor February 26, 2021

Junior Dani Lubienski’s Chihuahua Jonas is a rescue dog, saved from a shelter in June 2020. “Jonas is asleep 20 hours a day, but very energetic the other 4,” Lubienski said.

(Slideshow) Pandemic Pets

By Kaitlyn Barr and Grace Rossman January 29, 2021

Norsemen's Best Friend North Pointe's Pals

2020: A year in-review

2020: A year in-review

By Amelia Nowicki and Colin Duffy December 23, 2020

Happy New Year, Norsemen! Here are your top-picks of 2020: Community Pop Culture     Sports

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