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“Younger Now” Travels Back to Cyrus’s Roots
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By Anna Post, Editor

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From being a puerile and bubbly childhood country star to becoming a more vulgar persona in early 2014, Miley Cyrus has proved to be dynamic. Her eclectic poppy undertones and electric vocals have changed, but Cyrus’s musical origins have always resided in country.

In her new album “Younger Now,” Cyrus grips hard onto her Tennessee roots while incorporating her famous poppy upbeats. In some songs like Week Without You and Miss You So Much Cyrus shows off her strong vocals along with raw acoustic melodies to create a beautiful contrast in her works.

The album is simply refreshing- pulling on listener’s heart strings as her true persona is revealed. Her album is fueled by her relationship with longtime lover, Liam Hemsworth as she expresses her hopes, fears throughout the heartbreaking experience. Cyrus also delves deep into her sexuality, addressing her pansexuality in the ballad “She’s Not Him” and spits meaningful lyrics laced with fiery passion as she explains how she has learned more about herself throughout the relationship’s ups and downs.

“Younger Now” was a creative approach that led to ultimate lyrical bliss. ”

The album is laced with doleful yet meaningful lyrics that reveal the hidden purities of Cyrus’ life, tearing down the promiscuous facade she has worn for so many years. “Younger Now” was a creative approach that led to ultimate lyrical bliss. Experiencing Cyrus’ humble country-pop roots for the first time in 10 years is reassuring that her behind her spunky persona lies a lyrical genius that deserves nothing but praise.

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