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Wendy Ishmaku
Hi friends! If you couldn't already tell, I'm Wendy. It’s my third year being a part of the wonderful world of North Pointe, and now I’m Business Manager. Years ago I dreamed of becoming a reporter, and even though I've had a change in heart since then, I still aspire to become a great writer.

If there’s anything you should know about me it’s that I’m constantly laughing and that happiness means the world to me. Being happy is the meaning of life don’tchya know?

My one true love is the water. You can find me at the lake everyday during the summer, and if you talk to me about the lake or the beach or anything water-related I get overwhelmingly excited and really sentimental about it (sorry).

I really like people too so if you want to talk about the water, happiness, or anything in between, I’m your gal.

Wendy Ishmaku, Business Manager

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