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Melina Glusac

Greetings, visitor! Thanks for stopping by. You’re here, and I love you for that.

I’m Melina Glusac, but feel free to call me Ms. Gluestick. I have two soulmates: writing and music. Nothing excites me more than a comma and a yellow submarine.

I joined North Pointe my junior year, and I’m now a senior, ideas section editor, and enjoying it more and more every day. I plan to pursue journalism in college and hopefully make a career out of it. Are you there, Rolling Stone?

Aside from my husband (writing) and my best friend (music), I adore traveling, playing the cello and piano, watching old Hollywood films and meeting new people.

So talk to me about Radiohead. We’ll have a smashing time.


Melina Glusac, Section Editor

Dec 19, 2013
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