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Cordy Wettstein
Cordy Wettstein, with his love of comedy as well as a good tragedy story, is an eccentric boy. His passion for making others laugh, even if he can’t hear what they’re saying; his music is too loud in his headphones. His talents include ear-farting (just ask him about it) and playing the euphonium. His hobbies include naps, listening to music, playing video games, and watching Netflix. He has one dog, Gypsy; she just turned one. He also has one cat, Scooby. Scooby is over 21 human years old! He also has two little brothers, Keegan and Caden. If you see him in public, ask him to demonstrate his ear-farting abilities. He enjoys boxing, and plays the baritone in the Grosse Pointe North Pep Band.

Cordy Wettstein, Intern

Jan 24, 2018
The Game Stop: Harvest Moon Skytree Village (Story)