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Addison Toutant
Hello! My name is Addison, and I’m pretty much the video game expert on staff. Ever since I was in elementary school, I’ve been playing video games. They’re a huge part of my life and a few have even changed the way I look at the world, such as “The World Ends With You.” I am an avid lover of music and a huge fan of Vocaloid, which are essentially synthesized voice programs with a character attached that people can use to make music even if they can’t sing. I believe that every single person is creative, and Vocaloids are just another outlet for creativity. My personal favorite characters Avanna and Maika, and my favorite Vocaloid song is “Rolling Girl.” I am a proud supporter of the Semicolon Project, which is a suicide prevention group. I hope you enjoy not only the stories I’ve written, but the stories written by everyone else as well.

Addison Toutant, staff reporter

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