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Faces in the crowd: Sophomore Charlotte Duus

Photo credit: Sydney Benson

Photo credit: Sydney Benson

By Michal Ruprecht, Staff Reporter

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Church isn’t only a safe haven for prayer and worship for sophomore Charlotte Duus, but a place for teaching and learning as well. Duus decided to teach kindergarteners at Grace Community Church after her older sister inspired her.

“I teach them the Bible stories each time, we play games and they dance and sing and they do crafts usually, I always enjoy it,” she said

Duus believes her experience with small children will help her achieve her goals in the future and bring advantages when applying for colleges.

“It will definitely help me on my resume and stuff with community service hours and helping people,” Duus said. “It’ll also help me because I want to be a kindergarten teacher when I’m older, so it’ll help me teaching them so I’m getting their experience at a young age.”

Duus hopes she can continue to acquire more knowledge about teaching from her mentors.

“I really like helping people … and so the one thing that I love doing in life is just helping others before myself and being there for them instead of myself,” she said. “It’s always fun spending my Sunday mornings with little kids. They’re just so cute.”

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