Packs of puppies meet for annual Mutt March fundraiser


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By Emma Puglia, Senior Assistant Editor

German shepherds, golden retrievers and Labradors trek across the freshly manicured lawns of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House as part of the medley of dogs participating in the Michigan Humane Society’s Mutt March.

This year’s Mutt March will take place on Saturday, June 5 at 8 a.m. as a way to raise money and awareness for the Humane Society’s adoption programs and veterinary centers.

“People love this event,” public relations coordinator Ryan McTeague said via email. “They love the location, the beautiful grounds of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House and being among other animal lovers to support homeless animals at MHS.”

After volunteer Laura Lee Greer established the event in 1989, the fundraiser typically raises about $120,000 each year. According to the Mutt March event website, current teams and marchers have already raised $66,080.

Senior Aidan Reickert plans to attend his third Mutt March because of his mother, who was interested in bringing their family poodles, Cleo and Ginger.

“I think it helps my dogs to get out, see different areas than their usual walks,” Reickert said. “It’s just fun seeing all the dogs. One year I saw a massive Great Dane that was as tall as my little brother.”

To provide more incentive, event coordinators offer small prizessuch T-shirts, water bottles and bagsfor donors in order to promote the Humane Society’s mission of helping homeless, abused and neglected animals.  

“I always love seeing MHS alumni dogs with their new families,” McTeague said. It’s so wonderful to see an animal get a second chance and to see them receiving the love and care they deserve.”