Norsemen take the homecoming win against Lakeview


By Emma Puglia, Web-Editor-in-Chief

Last night, North faced off against Lakeview’s Huskies in this year’s homecoming football game.

Despite a rocky start in the first quarter, the varsity football team prevailed, marching the Norsemen to a 28-15 win against Lakeview. Coach Frank Sumbera believes that the win was well-earned.

“It was a very hard-fought game, we knew Lakeview was going to come over here and try to go brown-control on us, and they did that real well in that first quarter, got up on us 7-0,” Sumbera said.

The Norsemen picked up the pace after the first quarter, forcing the Huskies to go on the defensive.

“We fought back, scored, missed that extra point, but after that we scored again and then went for the two and got up 14-7,” Sumbera said. “The quarterback played real well, hit a couple good passes, and got ourselves out there it was 28-7. We’re happy with that.”

North had a total of 150 yards rushed, led by senior running back Latorris Greer, junior running back Jared Jordan and sophomore tight end Taylor Purnell. The team passed 166 yards, ending the game to a total of 316 yards against Lakeview’s 175 yards. Sophomore quarterback Bjorn Bjornsson helped bring the team to their passing yard total.

Tonight Sumbera gained another win for his team (5-3 record), as time creeps up on the Macomb Area Conference League Championship, which they’re going to play on Oct. 17 at an away game against Cousino.

“We just got to get healthy and we’ve got to keep working hard in what we’re doing, and get our brown game going, and mixing the pass and toughen up on defense,” Sumbera said. “You know, that’s our whole goal, one game at a time, win that, win the championship.”