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Neo Monsters proves a successful successor
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By Alex Harring, Staff Reporter

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Rating: 4 stars

Boasting a similar storyline and setting to Pokemon comes Neo Monsters, the spin-off engineered for mobile devices. The app centers around your character as it navigates the peculiar, yet enticing world of Neo Monsters. Chalk-full of animal-like creatures that hold special powers, it is your job to nurture your own pet’s powers for competition.

Although the app costs 99 cents, the content proves the money is well spent. With various missions, challenges and competitions available throughout the storyline, Neo Monsters is jam-packed with new things to do, leaving players always interested. Also, although the basics are similar, the app has noticeable differences in the gameplay from Pokemon.

While staying true to its predecessor, the app has simple updates which allow the game to be more interactive with users. Being able to click to general spaces instead of having to use a control pad makes playing quicker, and more intriguing. Not having to spend long periods of time watching your player move keeps player’s interests piqued, and simple changes like this allow for a faster play time and less waiting.

For former Pokemon players (aka trainers), this app ushers in nostalgia. It brings players back to a time when all that mattered was achieving your next badge and saving your progress before powering the Nintendo DS off. Simply taking out your phone and being able to play a quick match is facile, which is perfect for the average high-school-student-turned-battle champion.

The contemporary take on the old-school gem is unparalleled in the App Store. Being a spin-off, one would think that there would be many comparable options, yet Neo Monsters is unlike any game available in the App Store. If you want to find something similar to it, then it’s time to dust off your Nintendo DS.

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