Milky Chance has more of an upbeat mood with new album


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By Lindsey Ramsdell, Editor-in-Chief

As the album title and artwork suggest, “Blossom,” by the German indie-folk band Milky Chance, projects a brighter, more uplifting sound than the band’s first album, “Sadnecessary.”

“Sadnecessary,” released in 2013, was filled with dark, moody tunes of bass and acoustic guitar. It included their hit single “Stolen Dance.” The band’s four-year break from music production left fans eager for more—and “Blossom” satisfies that hunger.

In keeping with their original sound, fans can still find the same echoing groove of “Sadnecessary” in tracks like “Peripeteia,” “Alive” and “Heartless.” Lead singer Clemens Rehbein pleased listeners with more frequent vocals throughout “Blossom,” blessing them with his raspy and soulful voice.

However, many of the other tracks feature more lively sounds and experiment with new mediums, such as electric guitar or even piano, that weren’t in “Sadnecessary.” While it isn’t the classic Milky Chance, it actually enhances the band’s appeal and allows for more room to vary their sound within the album.“Blossom,” “Ego” and “Doing Good” are all examples of the band’s more cheerful turn, with “Ego” even bordering on a tropical feel. Izzy Bizu is featured in “Bad Things,” and her dainty voice complements Rehbein nicely, adding another light, joyful track to the album.

Despite the newfound variety in “Blossom,” it lacks the kind of potential that “Sadnecessary” had. Although all the tracks are enjoyable, none of them standout with the promise of becoming a hit like “Stolen Dance.” But, for true appreciators of the band’s unique tone, this is irrelevant.

The most enticing part of the album is the addition of the acoustic versions for “Cold Blue Rain,” “Alive,” “Cocoon,” “Firebird” and “Peripeteia.” These allow listeners to experience the tracks through a new perspective, and if the band’s newer sound isn’t appealing to them, they can reminisce the old Milky Chance through the acoustic versions. Fans may even find that some of the special tracks are better than the originals.

Available for purchase on iTunes, old-time fans can truly appreciate the reinvigorated vibe that blossoms within Milky Chance’s second studio album.