KIB-Week of April 9

By Adam Schwartz, Page Editor

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  1. Juniors will have Workkeys testing on the morning of Wednesday, April 11th in the gym. All other grades will be attending class as normal, and continue with a regular school day during testing. For more information about all test scheduling, click here.
  2. Students in grades nine through eleven will either be taking the PSAT or SAT test during the morning on April 10th. Students will be dismissed once they finish the test, which is around lunchtime, to go home. Seniors don’t attend class this day.
  3. Tim Allen, who plays Buzz on Toy Story, will be performing his comedy show, “Forgotten Harvest” on April 20th at 8:30 P.M. Tickets are still available for this comedy to be seen at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, where Allen will perform along with many other performers such as Jay Leno, Seth Meyers and more. Click here for more information.
  4. A fire occurred at the Trump Tower in New York City on Saturday, April 7th. The fire was found on the 50th floor, and people were escorted out of the building by first responders. One person was pronounced dead while four others were injured in the fire. For more information click here.
  5. The thriller film “Truth or Dare” premieres on  Friday, April 13th. The film centers around those who tell a lie when a once harmless game turns brutal for people. Those who don’t accept a dare or instead tell a lie are punished as a result. For tickets to this thriller click here.