Keeping it brief: five things to know for the week of May 9-15

Five islands of the tiny topical nation of Solomon Islands have now vanished due to rising sea levels.

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Five islands of the tiny topical nation of Solomon Islands have now vanished due to rising sea levels.

By Olivia Robinson, Staff Reporter

  1. Steph Curry wins second MVP award

The Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry made history off the courts on Tuesday by being voted the first unanimous MVP winner in NBA history. Curry was voted with every first-place honor available for a total of 1310 points. Curry led the Warriors on a 24-0 start to the season, and a record breaking 73 regular-season-wins. Curry joins the ranks of Steve Nash, Magic Johnson and Magic Jordan for being the only guards to win the award in consecutive years. Read more about him here.

  1. President Obama visits Hiroshima

By visiting Hiroshima, President Barack Obama will be the first sitting-president to step foot where thousands of Japanese civilians died in the World War 2 attack by the United States. White House officials are adamant that the visit is not an apology, but a reminder of the devastation. During the visit, President Obama will be accompanied by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Learn more about his visit here.

  1. Food contaminator in Ann Arbor

An Ann Arbor man who admitted to contaminating fresh-foods at local groceries was taken into custody and arraigned recently. The FBI said that the 29 year old sprayed a mixture of rat poisoning and hand cleaner on the produce at three Ann Arbor locations. Luckily, the FBI said that there shouldn’t be any extreme health effects for those who may have consumed contaminated products, but are encouraged to throw it away if they are suspicious. Read more about the crime here.

  1. Multiple earth-like planets found by NASA

On May 10th the BBC reported that NASA’s Kepler telescope discovered over 100 planets that parallel Earth in size. The telescope also discovered smaller planets with habitable conditions, and may be supporting life. NASA scientists also believe these habitable planets are only 11 light-years away. Read more about the discoveries here.

  1. Swallowed islands in Papua New Guinea

Rising sea-levels have completely consumed five Solomon islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea. The islands have been slowly disappearing over the last seven decades, however are largely uninhabited. The more dangerous issue lies on the Solomon island Nuatambu. Rising sea levels threaten the relocation of civilians, infrastructures, educational buildings and sewer lines. Read more about these disasters here.