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Keeping it brief: five things to know for the week of Feb. 6-12

Protesters against Trump's travel ban stood up together in different places, especially airports.

Protesters against Trump's travel ban stood up together in different places, especially airports.

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Protesters against Trump's travel ban stood up together in different places, especially airports.

By Lindsey Ramsdell, Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Travel Ban suspended

President Trump’s controversial travel ban, which prevents citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States for 90 days, was temporarily suspended on Friday by a federal judge. Then over the weekend, the government appealed to a federal appeals court in San Francisco, but was denied their request. On Tuesday, the San Francisco Court will have a formal hearing to determine the fate of the restraining order. Get the full story here.

   2. Senate Democrats hold protest leading up to DeVos vote

Starting today, Monday Feb. 6, and lasting until noon tomorrow, Democrats in the Senate plan to hold the floor for 24 hours to protest the nomination of Betsy DeVos for secretary of education. The final vote will occur at the end of the protest Tuesday. As of now, the senate is split 50-50 on the nomination, leaving Vice President Mike Pence as the tie breaker. Swaying one more Republican to the Democratic side could prevent her nomination from being confirmed. Read more here.

   3. Super Bowl LI breaks records

The New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons 34-28 on Sunday, Feb. 5 with the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history. The Patriots recovered from a 25-point deficit going into overtime, making it the first Super Bowl game to go into overtime as well. The Patriots also set records with their ninth Super Bowl appearance and fifth championship, all under the leadership of quarterback Tom Brady and coach Bill Belichick. Brady also earned his record-setting fourth Super Bowl MVP. See more highlights here or read our analysis of the game here.

   4. Trump makes first visit to U.S. Central Command

Trump ventured to MacDill Air Force Base in Florida Monday, which is the headquarters to U.S. Central command. He spoke there in defense of his travel ban and also reaffirmed his support for NATO. He is receiving backlash for inaccurately accusing media for refusing to report terror attacks in Europe. Get the details on his speech here.

   5. Uber hires engineer to lead development of flying car service

Uber hired a former NASA aircraft engineer to lead its development of a flying taxi service. The company hopes to be a frontrunner in the “vertical takeoff and landing” market with vehicles that could take passengers from their homes to any “vertiport” within a 50- to 100-mile radius. Read the original story here.

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