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‘I Decided’ gives insight into Big Sean’s life

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By Katie Thomas, Staff Reporter

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In his fourth studio album, “I Decided.,” Detroit rapper Big Sean reveals exactly why he won’t be taking any losses with a new, motivated outlook on both his life and music.

From dropping his previous well-received albums, “Finally Famous,” “Hall of Fame” and “Dark Sky Paradise” to being mentored by Kanye West, Big Sean has certainly earned himself recognition in the hip-hop industry. However, the MC is seeking more than just recognition as he releases his most raw, meaningful album yet.

The 14-track project opens with an intro, where listeners hear a narrative spoken by Big Sean’s future persona, who guides the album through short skits before or after songs. The older-version of Sean reflects on an discontented life packed with regrets. Throughout the album, the rapper’s present day persona strives to live a life that is filled to the brim with achievements and happiness, using his future persona as a way to warn him of what could be if he doesn’t decide fulfill his life.

In tracks “Bounce Back,” “No Favors,” “Sacrifices” and “Moves” Big Sean boasts his hard work and success in the music industry as well as his personal growth that allows him to learn from his mistakes and stay hungry for more.

On songs “Same Time, Pt. 1,” “Inspire Me,” and “Sunday Morning Jetpack” the rapper touches on a more sentimental part of his life, including subjects such as his love life, appreciation for his mother and gratitude towards success. Big Sean has certainly distinguished himself as a frontrunner in the rap industry and elevated to another level of his career, as he smoothly reflects on his success rapping, “Thank you God for all my setbacks, ‘cause he the reason I’m able to give back.”

Apart from rapping about his own relationships and experiences, Big Sean also touches on issues going on in the world, making the project all the more meaningful. From speaking on politics with Eminem on “No Favors” to enlisting the help of the Flint Chozen Choir and addressing the Flint water crisis on “Bigger Than Me.” The artist comments on the issues of racism and police brutality with truth and style, showing not only his skills as a rapper but his relevance in society.

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