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Fractured seasons

Photo Credit: USA today

Photo Credit: USA today

Photo Credit: USA today

By Jonathan Smith, Intern

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With 6:57 left in the first quarter of the Chiefs and Texans game Sunday night JJ Watt went down in agony. (JJ watt recived a season ending injury last year after just three games, Watt has had back, groin and hand issues in the past) Watt suffered a tibial plateau fracture Sunday October 8th, and was rushed to a hospital to await a final examination. Watt received surgery the next morning and hopies to work back to full potential.

Watt has had a positive influence to the Houston locker room, defense and city. With Hurricane Harvey hitting houston on August 25, just 16 days before Houston’s first game on September 10th, Watt made a hurricane relief fund to give back to the community and raised over 37 millions dollars before closed in September. JJ Watt rallied the city of Houston together after the hurricane.

JJ Watt rallied the city of Houston together after the hurricane.”

Watt has left a huge mark on the Texans’ program. Teammates expressed that not only will his presence be missed on defense but he is a huge loss to the locker room. This injury along with the injury of fellow teammate Whitney Mercilus, is a devastating blow to the defense right after the offense drafts the quarterback the city has been dreaming about for years. Look for houston to lean on Jadeveon Clowney as a young star to step up and and make an impact in the defensive front four.

Comparatively, the New York Giants off to a slow start the offense looked to star receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall to help set the team on a winning track. Despite the talent in the offensive pass game the giants started the year winless. Against the Chargers, the Giants may have lost all hope for the season with the loss of both star receivers. Beckham left the game in the fourth quarter while trying to make a cath. He received season ending surgery after being carted off the field in tears. Marshal also left the game after an attempted catch. Marshall was placed on the injured reserve on tuesday with an ankle injury. With both of these losses, the Giants are in desperate need for some to pick up the pieces and turn the season around.  



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