“Feelings” causes all the feels

Photo credit: Twitter

By Alex Goossen, Intern


Hayley Kiyoko’s new single, “Feelings,” is about the feeling you get when you start to develope a new crush. The beat manages to be both soft and upbeat, the bass is smooth and adds a rich taste, the drums pop methodically. The whole song’s atmosphere is relaxing and works with the lyrics to create a deep feeling of the one you can’t forget (even if they don’t exist) and you will find yourself playing the song on repeat for hours.

When it was released Oct. 19, it was an immediate hit with Kiyoko’s small but loyal fanbase. This is without a doubt because of Kiyoko’s talent with creating meaningful lyrics that capture her emotions and make them relatable and impactful.

The chorus of the song, “I over-communicate and feel too much, I just complicate it when I say too much” perfectly shows the embarrassment one feels when talking to a crush, and when this verse starts, the music switches from slow and smooth to upbeat, keeping the theme of the song and creating an amazing switch.

It also includes the lyrics, “I’m hooked on all these feelings, I know exactly what I’m feelin’. This love asylum, like an island, just me and you.” It shows how having a crush is addictive, and it’s all you can think about as you obsess over your knight in shining armor, isolating yourself from the world around you while you vacation on love island.

Along with the song, Kiyoko released a music video on YouTube that follows Kiyoko as she pines over a girl in an urban area, with barley any other people around. The cinematography, lighting and choreography all make for an amazing video, with a strange feeling of nostalgia for the times you went out with your friends.

Overall, this is a great song and everyone should, at some point, listen to it and more of Kiyoko.