Faces in the crowd: Senior Colleen Corbet


By Sofia Ketels, Editor

For many, Girl Scouts was a short-lived activity that occupied free time during elementary school. For senior Colleen Corbet, the program has become an 11-year-long hobby that allows her to spend time with friends and prepare for the future.

“We go camping and normal girl scout type stuff,” Corbet said “We’ve always hung out and we call it girl scouts”

According to Corbet, the once 20 person Girl Scout troop has dwindled down to just her, her sister Sarah, and two other friends. The girls pay a fee every year that allows them to continue being a troop and volunteering, and while Corbet said that an added benefit is credit for college applications, she would continue meeting with her small troop regardless.

“It’s like getting together with a group of friends every two months and having fun.” Corbet said.