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Faces in the crowd: Junior Elijah Manson

Photo credit: Photo courtesy of Elijah Manson

Photo credit: Photo courtesy of Elijah Manson

By Tarun Sanikommu, Staff reporter

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Watching characters come to life on page is what junior Elijah Manson has dedicated himself to. While everyone enjoys reading comics, Manson takes it upon himself to make them.

Manson has drawn comics for four years, using a digital tablet rather than a pencil and paper.

“Sometimes I do funny ones and sometimes more story-oriented ones, like you’d see in a graphic novel or something,” Manson said.

He posts his comics to two websites called DeviantArt and Smack Jeeves, and anticipates that he will begin posting them to a website of his own creation once he learns how.

Always experiencing an interest in art without any other encouragement from family or friends. Manson started drawing at a very young age. His comic-making career has been completely self-made.

Manson hopes to study art in college and become an illustrator in the future.

“(Drawing’s) a way for me to express myself and I like telling stories,” Manson said. “It’s just another way to do that for me.”

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