Faces in the crowd: Freshman Will Aufdemberge

Aufdemberge (top right) poses with his teammates.

Photo credit: Will Aufdemberge

Aufdemberge (top right) poses with his teammates.

By Sofia Ketels, Staff Reporter

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To freshman Will Aufdemberge, soccer has been a steadying force in life since almost before he can remember. His soccer career began when he was only4, and while he doesn’t see himself playing professional soccer as a career, he wouldn’t trade the past 11 years for the world.

Aufdemberge plays soccer for both North and a travel league in Grosse Pointe as an outside midfielder.  Depending on the season, Aufdemberge finds himself playing more than three times a week. Instead of seeing this as a burden on his schedule, Aufdemberge uses soccer to relieve stress while challenging himself.  

Aufdemberge cites his brother as his main inspiration to play soccer. It was his brother who first introduced him to the sport, and has been the reason he’s kept playing ever since.

“He’s always been a really good kid,” he said. “I wanna be like him.”


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