Faces in the crowd: Sophomore Noelle Conrad


Photo credit: Noelle Conrad

Sophomore Noelle Conrad volunteers at a Cuban orphanage while on the mission trip.

By Jacqueline Squillace, Intern

Most people visit Cuba for their beautiful beaches and popular tourist attractions, but for sophomore Noelle Conrad, that was only a bonus of her trip.

Conrad went to Cuba two days after summer began on a church mission trip.

“There was a moment we were being taught how to dance, like local, Cuban culture stuff and it just started to storm, and everyone was out dancing and like you really had to be there, but it was a great experience,” Conrad said.

Visiting Cuba on a mission trip rather than a vacation was very eye-opening for Conrad.

“We weren’t allowed to bring our phones, so I realized I really don’t need all the stuff that I have,” Conrad said. “Seeing the people who didn’t have a lot, and just seeing how you could put a smile on their face even if it was for just a minute, that was rewarding.