Faces in the Crowd: Freshman Benjamin Bania


Freshman Benjamin Bania

By Adam Schwartz, Staff Reporter

For freshman Benjamin Bania fishing is an activity that is relaxing and fun for him to do. He started fishing when he was very young, but has found more of a passion for it in the last few summers.

Not only is the action of pulling his fish up, but fishing also has other perks for Bania.  

“Watching the sunrise [is relaxing] and if I stay late enough the sunset.” Bania said.

Bania has excitement when he catches a fish and wants to always know facts about.

“I get really excited and want to know what it is, how long it is, and how much it weighs.” Bania said.

Bania’s greatest accomplishment while fishing was a seven pound largemouth bass. He received fishing equipment from his uncle, so he wants to continue it in the future.

“My uncle passed away last year and he is what made me want to continue to do it.” Bania said.