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Beyond 14 proves to be addictive

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By Giuseppe Parison, Staff Reporter

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Beyond 14 is a simplistic yet addictive puzzle game in which the player must match tiles of the same number on a board to increase their score.

Each tile has a number on it. As the user connects tiles of the same number, (it can be a connection of two or more), that tile has its number increased by one. The goal of the game is not only to get as high a score as possible by connecting as many tiles as they can without filling up the entire board, but also to get a single tile or multiple tiles to as high a number as possible, or “Beyond 14”. This dual-goal mechanic allows the game to be very accessible, as there are technically two ways to succeed instead of one.

The strategy comes in the anticipation of the player’s next move. The game shows what the next card up and the card second up will be so they have the ability to plan ahead. It all feels similar to Chess in terms of the premeditation in the moves, figuring out what cards will connect and which cards will chain those cards. There is also a reshuffle mechanic to replace the two cards being played as well as the ability to destroy a card on the table and an undo button. However, these are to be used wisely since they are only single-use options.

The graphics are virtually non existent, the game’s aesthetic consists solely of a white, gridded board on a colored background. The cards are pastel colored rectangles with generally white letters on them. However, the game does make a nice popping animation with stars when multiple cards are connected with an increased succession of numbers. The sounds when connecting cards consist of satisfying clicks that trigger the desire to keep going.

Beyond 14 is an addicting, spartan-esque puzzle game that leaves the players connecting cards all the way to that magic even number and well beyond.

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