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Abnormalities are becoming a routine

Hurricane Irma lasted for close to two and a half weeks and caused over 60 billion dollars in damage during that time.

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Hurricane Irma lasted for close to two and a half weeks and caused over 60 billion dollars in damage during that time.

By Rory Angott, Staff Reporter

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Why? Why is this our world? Why does everything seem like the only way it can go is awry?

It’s tough. Everyday news headlines threaten the destruction of our world by the governments that beg for our trust. By climate change. By the media. Anything that a government can point its finger at, it will. Because, simply put, they don’t think any of this is their fault.

Why should they? They need to employ confidence in the people who stare at them, baby-eyed. Unable to comprehend why all of this is happening. Making them think that they know what they’re doing.

But when people do speak out, they seem paranoid. Because, according to our dear governments, everything is fine. And maybe that is true, maybe absolutely nothing is happening. But that doesn’t matter. We stand terrified.

Hurricane after hurricane. Earthquake after earthquake. Missile test after missile test, it never stops. It seems like it never will stop.

Even though two of those things are natural, we are still scared. There are two sides of everything, and we seem to be denied the choice of the middle.

But why are we scared? This is our Earth. The planet we love. The planet we claim we love, while we pump neverending clouds of gasses into the air, slowly killing it.

We’re told that this, man-made climate change, is dangerous. That this is the inconvenient truth. And people believe it.

Hurricanes bash into Florida, Texas, Louisiana, the Caribbean. Leaving people stranded. Leaving them to die. Stealing everything they own. Their houses. Their lives.

But then, sometimes on the same day, on the same stage, we’re told that this is some conspiracy kindled by the Chinese. By people who seek to destroy us.

They call it cyclical. They say that no big thing is happening while little kids in Beijing can’t go to school because their face masks aren’t thick enough to protect them from the air. And people believe it.

What are we meant to believe?

We watch MSNBC, CNN. We read The New York Times, The Washington Post. We’re told that they’re impeccable sources of news, that no one beats them.

But then someone calls them the fake news media, the enemy of the American people. The enemy of us.

Some of us watch Fox News. Some of us read Breitbart. According to the same people who try to make us afraid of the media, they’re the real impeccable news sources.

But then someone calls them biased. They call them racist, the beacons of white supremacy in America.

What are we meant to believe?

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” FDR said that. It was World War II. People were terrified. But he, he was the type of government that we deserve. He made sure the people—the American people—knew that no, not everything was normal. But that, at the same time, fear is never the answer.

Our governments today do not do that. They come up with covers. They try to say that everything is in fact normal.

They’ve made their own world. One in which there are no abnormalities. One in which a president tweeting at 2 a.m. is not at all passe, but policy.

Then the other government in our country. They want their power back. They yearn for it. They promise the American people, us, that they will put every piece of the puzzle back into it’s place — in 2018.

That is the very problem. It is never now, it is always later.

The people want change now. They don’t want to wait. But no one is doing anything. We sit scared. Hurricane after hurricane. Earthquake after earthquake. Missile test after missile test. They don’t try to stop it. They just fight.

But why? Why is this our world?

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