12 Angry Jurors to be performed this weekend


Director Sean Kifer teaches student actors how to use a prop.

By Emily Widgren, Intern

On Thursday, Sept. 28, Drama Club members will perform “12 Angry Jurors.”

The show is based on the novel “12 Angry Men,” and will run from Sept. 28- Oct. 1 in the Performing Arts Center.

Director Sean Kifer said he wanted to make the show more diverse by including all genders and ethnicities.

“I wanted to do something that was dramatic. We’ve done comedies for the last few fall plays,” Kifer said. “I think the show’s pretty timely in its matter.”

Kifer added that the play will be performed in the round meaning that the audience will be surrounded by the performers on all sides. Because the performers are on stage the whole time, junior Megan Thuma said memorizing all her lines was difficult.

“I’m excited to do the show in the round,” Thuma said. “It’s such an interesting way to do a show and I’m excited for everyone to see it.”