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∞ Loop serves as refreshing addition to puzzle game genre

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By Ritika Sanikommu, Editor-in-Chief

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∞ Loop is a modern approach to the age-old puzzle game format. Inspired by the infinity symbol, it is deceptively easy to get entangled in this game, which tests players’ problem solving abilities and perception skills.

The game is minimalistic in its design. Its graphics are unembellished, ranging from mellow pastels to neon backgrounds and shapes. From the color scheme to the overall concept of the app, it takes on a simple, yet mind-bending approach.

There are two modes. In the first, the player must connect a jumbled conglomeration of curved pieces — subtly representing an infinity symbol — into a whole shape. The next mode presents a collection of rectangular pieces that must be aligned so that no two are touching. It seems simple enough, yet the game takes a certain amount of skill to complete. The gameplay developers struck a delicate balance between creating a relaxing puzzle game without being mindless and diminishing the competitive atmosphere.

One minor qualm about the app is that there are ads sprinkled throughout that can be a deterrent from the calming ambience. Also, after the player completes every level, the screen does not automatically switch to the next level. Instead it remains in the completed position until the player taps the screen. It would have made more sense to have a smoother transition.

∞ Loop also boasts a zen, almost ethereal soundtrack that coincides perfectly with the atmosphere of the game. Diverging from other puzzle games, ∞ Loop’s levels do not increase in difficulty. Instead, they vary in degree based on the player’s abilities. The developers claim that there are an endless number of levels that increase players’ ability to focus.

If the player connects their email to the game store on their device, they can have access to a few more features, including the ability to play against friends and even create new levels. ∞ Loop can also be played without an internet connection, making it more accessible.

∞ Loop is a refreshing addition to the myriad puzzle games out in the market. Its unique construction and emphasis on maintaining a relaxing mood are ideal for anyone looking to try their hand at a puzzle game that won’t leave them frustrated.

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